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Technological influence on daily life

We take Technology for granted every day, whether it’s getting us the most recent news, making our cappuccino, or connecting us to a loved one halfway around the country (or the globe).

Which of all the latest innovations are you most grateful for? Is the coronavirus epidemic making us more dependent on Technology or helping us to overcome the year’s problems? Here are seven of the most significant ways tech has recently affected our lives

How Technology influence Our Lives

Improved communication

“Come here, Watson. I need to meet you.” These were the first words Alexander Graham Bell spoke about his revolutionary invention in 1876. It’s safe to say that the trusted telephone has had a great run. Bell had initially envisioned that there would be one in every town. Bell was correct in his original vision — there is one in everyone’s pockets these days. Technology has made it possible to communicate with people via messaging and social media like Pikdo and others.


Video calling on Zoom Memojilikeclark Theverge introduced by Microsoft is another medium that has experienced a boom over the past few years. But, of course, video calling isn’t new. It has been around as long as Bell’s phone. But, with high-speed broadband at reasonable prices, sending and getting the data required for a video conference is accessible.

Privacy is being reduced

Our lives are more online than ever. The Point-of-Sale (POS) system can be a great asset to any business, big or small. A POS allows you to take electronic payments, manage stock levels and create electronic receipts. You can also manage loyalty programs, sales, and other details.

Better Information Access

It’s easy to find out what you need today by clicking a few buttons. Many of us don’t even have to leave the spot. Instead, we can pull out our phones and go online or ask our intelligent home assistant.

Although it may seem distant, it wasn’t that long ago that you had to go to the library to get more information on a topic. These technological advances have made it possible to find thousands of pages on almost any topic you could imagine.

Virtual Social Lives

The introduction of social networking has also significantly impacted our lives. The industry has advanced rapidly, making the past days of Myspace and the original Facebook look quaint. Snapchat and Instagram offer real-time insight into other people’s lives. This is true regardless of whether they are friends with few followers or celebrities with millions.

Companies are also getting in on this act, and a skilled social media manager can make or break a company’s brand reputation.


Although social media has had a bumpy ride over the years, it is a way for us to communicate on a global scale that we have never seen before. It has allowed the rise in social commentary and movements such as #Me-too or Black Lives Matter. However, it also leaves us vulnerable with the likes of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytical scandal, which served to manipulate voters and skew democratic elections.

Flexible Work

While 2020 will be remembered for many negative things, one of the most important positives of 2020 was the acceptance of working remotely. Many had to leave their offices during the pandemic and log on from home. According to one study, 42% worked from home at their peak. Even though the pandemic is over, this trend will continue. Large companies like Twitter or Microsoft have already stated that their employees can work from home for as long as they wish.

Many people find working from home a great way to save time, reduce their environmental impact, and be able to pick where they want to work. This is possible because of technological advances, which again make it possible to use broadband and hardware in a perfect marriage.

Smarter Health Tracking

The rise of fitness gadgets is another trend in Technology. Although we have been using Technology to keep us trim for years, it is new to be able to track our progress and receive recommendations.

Apple is a prominent fitness gadget market player. In 2019, the company Now, we can monitor our heartbeats, blood pressure, exercise, and sleeping patterns and track and monitor our exercise plans.


These are seven ways Technology has changed our lives. Technology never rests, and you can bet some of these devices and services will soon be obsolete. In many cases, the next version is being developed in a laboratory.

It doesn’t matter what; Technology has enormously impacted our lives in some way or another. Read More: Hair Cloning Technology



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