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The Benefits of Having an Air Filter at Home

Having an air filter in your home can have many benefits, such as improving the air quality of your home, fighting odors and other microbes, and even improving your immune system. However, there are several things you should consider before purchasing an air filter. Here are some of them.

Reduce Asthma Triggers

Using an air filter in your home can help reduce asthma triggers. Asthma symptoms can worsen when exposed to asthma triggers such as smoke, dust, and chemicals.

An asthma air filter can clean air by capturing air particles. Some air filters are portable, and others can be installed inside your home’s HVAC system. If you’re considering purchasing an air filter, check to see if it has the Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly label.

You can also reduce asthma triggers by limiting exposure to outdoor pollutants. For example, you should keep windows closed during the pollen season. It’s also a good idea to install carbon monoxide detectors near your bedroom.

Eliminate Microbes

Using a well-suited air filter at home is an excellent way to reduce the odds of contracting a cold or the flu, but there are other reasons to air purifying. If you’re prone to coughing up the muck, then it’s likely you’re also susceptible to other germs. The perks of having an air filter include a healthier family, fewer trips to the doctor, and reduced utility bills. In short, getting rid of airborne germs is a win-win.


However, the question remains: which air filter is best for you? If you invest in a quality air filter, it’s best to find out which hvac air filter housing will be most effective.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Having an air filter in your home is a great idea. Not only will it save you a bundle on your heating and cooling bill, but you’ll also be breathing in the fresh air, not stale. A high-quality filter is also a great way to avoid the dreaded cold draft. Plus, the right filter can also make your home feel like a home again. If you’re interested in a new filter or improving the quality of your existing filter, contact Air Waves, a family-owned and operated heating and cooling company, today. We also offer a free quote. We’ll be happy to help.

Help Your Immune System.

Having a good air filter at home has many benefits. One of the biggest is a healthier indoor environment. Another advantage is reduced exposure to pollen and pollutants. The smog and dust in the air can do a number on your immune system and your health in general. The more you can keep your indoor environment free of allergens and pollutants, the more you feel good inside and out. This is especially true for the elderly who suffer from allergies, asthma, and autoimmune conditions. A good air filter can keep these disorders at bay.

Having a good air filter at home can also save you from making the trip to the doctor’s office. Another benefit of an air filter is having a cleaner home, which is good news if you are prone to catching colds.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

The pollutants contained in indoor air can have harmful effects on the human body. They can cause respiratory problems, fatigue, dizziness, and infectious diseases. Having an air filter at home is a great way to improve indoor air quality.

Some of the most common indoor air pollutants are formaldehyde from pressed wood products, paints, copying machines, and biological contaminants, such as bacteria and viruses. People who suffer from allergies or lung disease are particularly vulnerable to the biological agents contained in indoor air.

Indoor air pollution can be caused by improperly maintained air conditioners, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers. Poor ventilation can also increase the number of indoor air pollutants. Signs that your home or office is not adequately ventilated include smelly, humid, or moldy air.



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