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Facebook Password Sniper Are Watching you. Secure Your Facebook Account in 2022

facebook password sniper

As you know the significance of Facebook on your life and what can be the highest possibilities for modern human beings. Facebook can be integral for small businesses and individuals. Peoples share every event, their favorite things, and hobbies on Facebook and that is a loophole for hackers who are targeting you. In this way not only your Facebook account is unsafe but the bank accounts or other accounts-related things are unsecure. So the question arises how can you keep your account safe from Facebook password sniper?

Why It is necessary to Keep Your Facebook Account From Facebook Password Sniper?

Yes, it is necessary to keep your Facebook account from hackers because Facebook is part of your life. You share your photos, videos, contact details, hobbies, friends list, opinions, and more things as your identity. Facebook spends billions of dollars to protect your data. Till now Facebook has invested more than $13 billion in just safety and security measures from 2016 to 2021. But still, there are a lot of security issues that couldn’t be covered.

You are emotionally connected with Facebook and if something bad happens such as if somebody leaks your bad pictures or posts on Facebook that may directly affect your life because all of your friends and family can see it. Anyone can steal your password and do with your account that you never wanted to do. So keeping your account safe includes you too in this sense because facebook’s security isn’t enough.

What Facebook Can Do For You?

Facebook has a build-in tow factor authentication system that requires you to use a phone number or specific mobile app whenever you log into the site. This is a simple but important layer for account protection.

How To Activate 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) in your Facebook account?

To activate 2FA simply logging into your account and find the ‘Settings’ menu then click ‘Security and Login’. Under the ‘Two-factor authentication’ click ‘Edit’ to enable this feature. You’ll need to select from a phone number or an authenticator app, where both options provide basic instructions to follow.

  Note: If you want to use the app instead of your phone number for 2FA then you must ensure you keep backup codes or Authy with a cloud backup. If you lost your phone without a backup of your 2FA codes for login then you’ll lose access to your account.

Set Up Trusted Friends

Facebook has a feature that allows your family or friends to help you to recover your account if you lose it. This feature is called ‘Trusted Friends’.

Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook account, click the triangle in the top right corner of your screen, then select the ‘Settings & privacy’ option. On the dropdown that shows, click ‘Settings’.

Click ‘Security and login’ on the left of your screen and click ‘Edit’ next to the ‘Choose 3 to 5 friends’ text. Now click ‘Choose friends’ in the menu and click ‘Choose Trusted Contacts. Here you can select 3 to 5 of your family or friends to act as your trusted contacts list. When you have done, click ‘Confirm’.

Never share your login information

Your login information such as username, email, phone numbers, or password is the key thing for your account. Don’t share this info with anyone, especially never show your password to anyone.

Make a strong password 

Most of the peoples keep easy passwords such as their name + 123 or pet name or full name etc. This is very easy for Facebook password sniper to guess or detect your password. So always use some capital letters, small letters, numbers, and other characters when choosing a password and keep it in a separate note for backup.

Check out If there is any malicious software on your device

Always download software or apps from trusted suppliers and check if there is any virus on your device. It may affect your Facebook security. Much malicious software like trojan and viruses are used as Facebook password sniper to crack your password.

Don’t Accept Friend Request From Unknown Or Malicious Person

Facebook is a hub to collect your friend circle but if you make any random friends on Facebook that may harm you. All the peoples are not good. There are a lot of scammers and password snipers on Facebook so only make known friends on Facebook.

What is facebook password sniper?

Facebook password sniper is a tool to capture anyone’s social media logins credentials such as username or passwords. It is especially used by hackers to inject someone’s account. They use many methods to grasp facebook details like guessing, scratching, or snatching.

Every year Facebook updates its security issues but there are always some loopholes that are naturally generated by algorithms or by programmers. That’s why being secure is not only facebook’s responsibility but Facebook’s users too.

If you find any security issues with your Facebook account or Facebook site you can easily contact with Facebook Security Team by clicking it. They will fix your issue as soon as possible.

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