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National Futsal Leg Final Today In Pokhara

National Futsal Leg competition going on Pokhara is reached on final today. Native team of Pokhara ‘Sports Casal‘ and ‘Shankhmul‘ of Bagmati are competing in final. These 2 teams are competing since the starting of the leg. The interesting thing is these 2 teams played equally in the leg before. Casal reached on playoff playing in the first position and Shankhamul bypassed the journey till final staying in the third position.

Major Trainer of Sports Casal Bishnu Gurun says we play to win. He also said ‘Shankhamul is a very strong team. The game will be very competitive. The main trainer of Shankhamul Prakash Pariyar says ‘there will be very hard for us in the final’. He told that his players are regularly playing for 4 games and they are tired that’s why the final will be hard to win. He also told that Casal has advantages due to the native team.

Mani Lama is the main player of Shankhamul. He is the main behind to reach the Shankhamul team in the final. Anil Sherestha is the Kaptan of Shankhamul. His experience in the National futsal team is very good and his contribution in every game is great. Sumit Shrestha is the key player of Casal. He is among the highest goaler. Sumit is very talented in forwarding the game and deceiving the competitor. Biswas Poudel is Goal Keeper of Casal. He can catch any ball far from the ground. He performed very well in leg level and hopes the same in the final.



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