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Atletico out of last 16

This season, the Spanish La Liga soccer title champion Atletico Madrid has exited the last 16 of Copa del Rey football. Atletico was subjected to a 2-0 goal-wide unilateral result by La Liga team Real Sociedad in a crucial game Wednesday night for quarterfinal entry. Sociedad has been shocked in the second consecutive contest in Atletico, where he became a guest team on the home turf.

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Just three days ago, Atletico were 2-1 defeated with Atletico Bilbao in the Super Cup semi-finals in Saudi Arabia. Atletico got out of Copa’s last 16 just three days after losing the Super Cup. Now there has been heightened pressure after losing two consecutive contests over Diego Simony.


Sociedad had taken the lead first with a goal in the 33rd minute of the game on his home turf. Adnan Januzaz had scored a goal and shocked Atletico. Sociedad then scored the second goal in just two minutes after the start of the second half. This time Alexander Sorlath scored a goal and scored the game 2-0. Sociedad then won the game 2-0 when Atletico failed to return to the game for the rest of the time.

With this win, Sociedad has entered the quarterback of Copa. Earlier, Espanol, Cadiz, Raio Valencia, Valencia have also entered the quarterfinals, while Sevilla Real Betis, who are in the La Liga title race, is already out of Copa with a 2-1 defeat.



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