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Finally, Sheru classic winners list 2021 has been revealed

India: Sheru classic winners list has been revealed. All the competitors came with very good physics, that’s why they got 1st place. But other athletes also came with awesome conditioning, and we should respect and support them.

A very surprising thing is related to the men’s physics category. Because the audience was expecting someone for the winner, and someone else took the title. In bodybuilding, Catagory Sunit Yadav won the 1st tile of gold, making all surprises, and he became a professional bodybuilder of IFBB.

Sunit Yadav came with very amazing body condition. He had worked on the upper to lower body perfectly. His lower body is looking best.

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In men’s physics, Pankaj Gajwani took the best title. The audience was expecting Abhishek Yadav, but surprisingly, Pankaj Gajwani took the chance. On the other hand, Dinesh Kumar got the pro card in the classic division, winning all the athletes. Last time, he came with a very good body but didn’t win 1st place. But this he got 1st pace as well as the pro card.

Sheru classic winners list

Sheru classic winners list
Sunit Yadav 1stBodybuilding
Pankaj Gajwani 1stMen’s Physics
Dinesh Kumar Yadav1stClassic Division


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