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Who Is Shiva? | You Must Know This Before Die

According to Hinduism, 3 gods are responsible for the creation, maintenance, and destruction of the world. Most of the peoples loves the character of shiva and try to copy his behaviors seeing in Hindu dramas and art but the meaning of shiva and shakti is a little bit deep and beyond our traditional thinking.

In Hindu culture, shiva is just a symbol to give some meaning to such power which has no meaning or that is metaphysical.

Many religious books are written in different ways to make clear this truth.

What is Shiva?

Shiva is a big symbol to represent the universal truth. Sadguru says “Shi-ba means which is not. That which you cannot see, that which you cannot touch, that which you cannot perceive through five sense organs is called nothing and it’s shiva.

Shiva ling is a sign of inner light that has many names because it is nameless. In spirituality, shiva is referred to as a meditative state of being pure conscious about everything. Most of the peoples think that shiva is an ancient person started in time and seems like a human being. But there is no evidence nor it matters in spirituality because whatever shiva refers to is very grateful and worth praying.

Aadiyogi statue

We can’t capture such who is beyond time. The fact is human mind can’t even imagine beyond time. Whatever we think of is just a projection of our past and what we don’t know is the future. Shiva is such a factor that can be only realized in shuttle and shuttle moments of time and everyone owns this but may not be familiar with it.

We can’t keep shiva into space and time. If we try to do this it’s just an expansion of the mind. Acharya Prashant says “Shiva is the goal of mind, Core of mind and thirst of mind. Shiv is there because that can get libration from all of our issues but not to mesh with other thousands of issues.”

Bonus For You

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We only believe that what we can see with our eyes, that we can only hear with our ears, that we can only touch with hands but the whole game is running because of such who is not. If you have heard about the term ‘sound of silence’ you can relate to it a little bit but it’s also not the whole. It’s just a technique of a so-called meditation that is very popular in the market these days.

Meditative shiva

None of the gods is the ultimate truth. They are all representative of mind and body and mind and body can never be ultimate. Shiva is only the ultimate.



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