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Dark Side Of Spiritual Milk | Human Should Stop This Right Now in 2021

Most human beings love pets very much because the fundamental nature of humankind is not harming animals or violating them. From both points of view of scientific facts and spiritual milk, consumption is destructive and harmful for humanity.

Being spiritual means not consuming everything that we have but living being aware of everything and keeping good human virtues such as love, mercy, peace, and happiness.

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We can easily consume milk and its products because we don’t know by which process it reaches our home, and we are unaware of it. If we see a whole lifecycle of cow or buffalo, we may stop consuming milk and its product.

Cute cow

To give us the milk, an innocent cow or buffalo should live their entire life into hell. Not only cow or buffalo but their baby also should live their life very severely. If we see this violence against them, we will realize that you are not drinking milk but bloody blood.

From the point of view of science or spiritual milk perspective, there is no importance of it from the perspective of the bible or any other religion. None of the religions promotes such deadly violence. None of the animals drinks milk from other mothers because it’s only beneficial to drink from their mothers. Other’s milk never gives you benefit naturally because our body is not designed to digest milk after growing up.

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This feature of digesting milk is in babies only. There is so much disease in our life because of milk and its products. If we can remove it from our life half of the problems will shut down immediately because human health is all about what we eat and drink.

A cow giving pos to the photographer

Cow and other animals only produce on a large scale to consume milk and meat and make more different products. We don’t realize such kind of consumption no one can save the earth. If you are on fever to save the planet, support this spiritual milk post with everyone you know.

What Does the Bible Say About Spiritual Milk?

Note that the bible doesn’t enforce to consumption of milk products. According to peter 2:2, It says “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation.” This line encourages craving for salvation, just like how small babies crave milk. In this way, you can grow up towards salvation.

In spirituality, milk is used to symbolize many things. It is the fuel of early infants, fluid of eternal life, abundance, fertility, and food of the gods, the first human diet.

Source: Inspired from Acharya Prashant-Babalnews report.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spiritual Milk

  1. What is spiritual milk means?

    The term ‘spiritual milk’ refers to the human consumption of milk and its products from the perspective of spirituality.

  2. If milk consumption is bad then why baby needs it?

    Our babies need it because they have the body system to digest the milk naturally and the baby grows up their digestive system for milk changes.

  3. What does the bible say about ‘spiritual milk’?

    Bible says that milk is the food of the gods and it is the first human diet that means when baby borns they need it from their mother. Every baby having breastfeeding can achieve good fertility, abundance and it is also the fluid of eternal life. The Bible doesn’t say to violate other animals for milk not encourage milk consumptions.

  4. Why there is so much milk consumption?

    Milk consumption comes later when humans revolved. Production of milk products is a money-making scheme of big companies who produce milk products to change people’s tastes.

  5. Then why milk is wasted in Hindu temples?

    This is because of the unawareness of the Hindu religion. None of the religion promotes animal violence and milk consumption. If you think that you are a conscious person then you must think about it.



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