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This Powerful Meditation will: Spiritual Journey Back to Yourself.

According to Luminita D. Savic, Second Ray awakens the Light inside. The extra your cognizance of the flame of illumination withinside the middle of your coronary heart, the simpler it will become to stroll the course of know-how and acquire the enlightenment and illumination of your complete being.


As it’s so extremely written withinside the, I Am Discourses, “In the middle of your being is an exquisite Light, and you’re that Light. This is the fact of your being. You shall understand this fact, and this fact shall make you free. This is the fact Jesus spoke, the fact for all guys, that everyone guy can understand.

And how can you understand this fact? By direct experience.

The Light that lighteth each guy that cometh into the arena is a reality – as a reality, it can be experienced.

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As the wind can not be seen, handiest its impact seen, handiest its stress felt, so can the impact of the Light inside you be seen, its stress felt. And that stress is an energy a long way past the human thoughts to comprehend.

If you will see that Light, you ought to visit the Light; and that Light is inside you – inside, around, and above. And all matters are composed of that Light, and that Light is inside all matters. There is nothing, no man or woman, that isn’t of the Light.

But earlier than the Light may be seen, it’s far felt; and to experience, you ought to first expand the capacity to experience. For a better understanding of spirituality, you can consider acharya prashant’s quotes on life. And the supply of that capacity to experience is withinside the coronary heart. Your coronary heart is the very middle of your being; it’s far the middle of your feelings, the middle in which the stress of the Light can first be felt – then seen – and it can be seen!”

In the middle of your being, there may be an exquisite Light. And you’re that Light! To understand this Light, you ought to visit the Light and emerge as acquainted with the Light. 

Through using the Second Ray, you could wake up this Light.

Second Ray Meditation: Spiritual Journey Back to Yourself

second ray meditation

The Second Ray is a Flame of illustration gift in the middle of your coronary heart that has the energy that will help you to acquire fitness and stability in thoughts, thoughts, and body. This flame of abundance brings forth love, prosperity, happiness, joy, and team spirit consciousness. Also Learn: Mukti Kya Hoti Hai

The extra you cognizance at the flame of illumination in the middle of your coronary heart, the simpler it will become to stroll the route of knowledge and acquire the enlightenment and brightness of your entire being. Immerse yourself withinside the Second Ray energies. 

Familiarize your Self with this Light inside and permit this Ray of Illumination to cleanse and heal you of the entirety that maintains you from sooner or later awakening to the fact of who you are. Use this effective Second Ray Meditation to embark on a paranormal adventure to The Illumination Temple in Telos and permit the Illumination Ray that will help you join your thoughts to the Divine thoughts so you can sooner or later discover your manner again for your Self.

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