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Why Acharya Prashant Don’t Have Baby?: Truth Leaked

When one of the questioners asks about ‘how to justify baby production?’ The Rockstar guru Acharya Prashant leaked the truth behind being a bachelor and the significance of not having a child.

When asked, ‘why do some of the strong personalities also have kids?’ Acharya sir replied, ‘they know, maybe this hill knows, ask it. Why should a childless answer such a question? Ask them who the kids have. Nor I have done this, nor I will, what do I say.

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Acharya said that he had no reason to think about it. ‘I have something to do in my life, and I am full of it,’ Acharya Prashant said. He says, ‘I don’t find this interesting to make someone pregnant, admit them in hospital and all of this nonsense. You are free if you want to do it; I am not against this; I don’t find it interesting. 

According to him, it is not good to make the life of a female like a dipper because, in most cases, a lady lives in body-centric life and such activity increases the ego.



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