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Who Is Gyanendra Shahi? Biography Of National Hero |Roaring Against Corruption

One of the latest social media sensation and political leader winning millions of youth hearts Gyanendra shahi was born in 2049 in the Jumla district of Nepal.

His full name is Gyan Badhaur Shahi currently running in 27. He was born in a middle-class family. His life was normal in the Jumla but every special people have some unique and good qualities to raise further and he was always a truth lover.

Gyanendra Shahi has his father and one elder brother in his family. Unfortunately, his mother has passed away.

He wished to come to Kathmandu for his higher study and he did it too. After finishing his metric level (SLC) he came to Kathmandu 14 years ago for further study of MBBS because he wanted to become a doctor. When coming to Kathmandu he has some books and a pressure cooker to cook food only. He started to stay in a rented room in Kathmandu.

According to his old neighbour’s statements, ‘Gyanendra Shahi doesn’t hesitate and fear to talk the truth to anyone and this virtue makes him today to win millions of youths heart.

When living in Kathmandu he used to teach tuition classes to the children around the town and he also taught in schools for some time but he didn’t charge any fees. Even the headmaster of that school gave a good review about Gyanendra Shahi. Read Also: Kiran chemjong BIO

His main goal to cam Kathmandu was to study MBBS and become a doctor but at the same time, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. They brought her to Kathmandu for treatment but unfortunately, she was no more.

After losing his mother Gyanendra Shahi got into more sorrow and he couldn’t even study his MBBS dream.

After that, he went to Delhi to study CA (Chartered Accountants). He completed 3 years Chartered Accountant degree from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

His interest in politics started with a special event during his college time in India. One day Gyanendra Shahi was discussing with some of his Indian friends and they asked Gyanendra ‘Are you from Uttara Khand or Himanchal province?’ Gyanendra replied ‘I am from Nepal’. Suddenly that Indian friend got amazed and said ‘Are Nepali people also Charted Accountants?’ After this happening Gaynendra Shahi felt very embarrassed about their nationality and existence. He also observed the insult of os Kp Oli’s in India. And these events attract him to think about his nation and especially its political condition.

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Now he started to analyse governmental audit reports to utilize his Chartant Accountant knowledge. He focused his most of time on reading and calculating account files and charts. When he found corruption in most of the governmental offices he couldn’t stop himself to stay without shouting and every youth needs this energy to bring real changes in any nation.

Now Gyanendra Shahi came to Nepal and joined Hamro Nepal Hami Nepali mission against corruption. He did many string operations in many governments mostly corrupt offices During roaring against corruption he got injured many times but he didn’t ever quit and many Nepali youths gave him support from worldwide in this mission.

Gyanendra Shahi thinking

If you are also one of the fans of Gyanendra Shahi kindly leave your opinion about Gyanendra Shahi in the comment.

Many high profile peoples tried him to knock out but he is still roaring against corruption and never accept to be quiet. This needs to be understood by all citizens that ‘powerful peoples make places powerful’.

People like Gyanendra Shahi and Hem Raj Thapa contribute to filling amazing fuel inside Nepali youths and still fighting for human resources development.

If you love him stay updated with babalnews because we post new updates about such national heroes always.

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  1. Gyanendra Shasi is a one of the brave and nation lover son of nepal, he dosen’t speak about againest of nationalism till today. So that we must do support in this time for became winner for him in comming election.


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