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Vero cell vaccine against corona brought from China returned

The coronavirus vaccine brought from China has been returned today after the ship could not land due to bad weather. The vaccine was returned after the plane could not land at Tribhuvan International Airport this morning due to bad weather. The Verosell vaccine was being brought to Nepal from China with the assistance of the Asian Development Bank.

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Surendra Chaurasia, chief of the supply management branch of the health service department, said that the vaccine would be returned by tomorrow even if the ship was returned as it could not land at the airport.

According to him, 1.2 million one thousand 887 vaccines were coming from there. Similarly, 1.87 million vaccines are coming from India today. The vaccine will arrive in Nepal from Qatar Airways at 2.35 pm under the Covax facility, said Chief Chaurasia. Of the 35.466 million 980 vaccines received in Nepal, 216.54 million 109 vaccines have been given so far.



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