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Pokhara’s Rupatal is becoming twice as big at 4 billion Rs

A project has been started to increase the size of Rupatal in Pokhara. Work has started by opening an office in the field. Rupa Taal is now the third-largest lake in Kaski. However, this is hardly discussed.

The nearby Begnas Lake attracts a large number of tourists. Some tourists who have reached Begnas do not know about the nearby Rupatal. The government has taken the project forward by linking Rupatal with income generation.

In the next five years, the size of the lake will increase four and a half times more than the current lake and the water will also increase three and a half times. For that, a 6 meter high and 600-meter long dam will be constructed. “The dam is like Begnastal. There is only a dam, there are other features, ‘said project chief Tulsi Bhattarai.’ Bridges are being built. There are many, including foot tracks, that help keep tourists entertained. ‘

Most of the tenders have already been issued for the construction of the project. ‘The contract for the dam has been settled. The contract for the access road is being signed. Work on the foot track and bicycle track will also begin, ”he said.“ Physical progress has been cut by 30 percent. It is believed that all the work will be completed within the stipulated time.’

The project has been started to be completed by 2082/083. ‘Overall, it is a four billion project. A quarter of a billion is spent only on compensation, ‘says Bhattarai. The government can add new features if it wants. ‘

This project has been started mainly to increase the area of the lake.

Information has been issued for the acquisition of about one thousand acres of land for the project. In 2074 BS, a notification was issued to withhold 1,472 acres of land for acquisition. Out of that, it has been decided to distribute compensation of 995 acres and nine acres of land. The project has so far distributed compensation of Rs. 767.97 million.

In the Fiscal Year 2075/07, Rs. 104.5 million has been distributed, in the Fiscal Year 2076/07, Rs. 253.1 million and since then, Rs. Compensation of 648 ropanis and 15 acres of land has been distributed till October 30.

Some landowners, on the other hand, said that they were not satisfied with the compensation. They have complained that the compensation was much less than the current value. “There is not even a small piece of land near the place where you can get compensation for planting.” In this way, we feel uplifted ‘, said Hom Bahadur Gurung, the landowner. There should be development, we believe, but why doesn’t our government understand? ‘

Rupa village municipality and Wari Pokhara municipality are located across the river. The project is distributing the compensation as prescribed by the government as it will not determine the compensation. “It simply came to our notice then. We are distributing based on that, ”said Hira Chaudhary, another project official. Other than that, the land we have blocked is gone. ‘

The criteria for the lake should be decided by the metropolis. Rupa’s project is seen as a project to connect the lake with prosperity. “It is a good and big project for Pokhara. There is talk of climate change. If our efforts increase the size of the lake, it will also help the international target! ‘, Says Chaudhary. Everyone is supportive of the project. ‘

In Rupatal, the locals are now running a fish cooperative. Fish worth millions of rupees is being sold from here every year.



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