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Poudel Koirala Team is stronger than Congress In Morang. Only 2 presidents won of establishment

Biratnagar, November 21: Regional representatives, Presidents, and office bearers have been elected of Nepali Congress under the 14th General Convention in the Morang on Saturday.

Election results show that the Koirala Poudel team is far stronger than the Congress team. Only 2 affiliated chairpersons have been elected among 12 states from the side Deuba.

Amongst the 12 state constituencies of Morang, only 8 became eligible for the election to choose chairperson. The election was held on Saturday. The voting had started in the evening. According to the result of Sunday morning, Nara Bahadur Tamang has been elected from Constituency no. 1 ‘A’ and Rajkumar Lama from ‘B’.

Lama was elected unanimously. Similarly, Kanyaihalal Rajbanshi and Devendra Basnet have been elected from Constituency no. 2 ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively. Kanhiyalal is was also unanimously chosen.

Constituency No. 3 ‘A’ Ganga Yakkha and ‘B’ Jagatlal Chaudhary, Constituency No. 4 ‘A’ Ekaram Majhi and ‘B’ Subodh Niraula have been elected. Constituency No. 5 ‘A’ Achanu Khan Gangai and ‘B’ Jitu Sah have won. They are unanimous. Elected with the support of Congress leader Amrit Aryal, he is a candidate from Deuba’s party.

Deepak Bhagat and Madhuwabu Tiwari of Constituency No. 6 A and B of Morang have emerged victorious. Secretary of the Morang Congress Modraj Ghimire has informed that the office bearers including the chairperson of the state constituency have been elected from the election.

According to Ghimire, the Poudel-Koirala faction is strong in the district as per the results of the Morang polls. Sixteen state convention delegates have been elected from each constituency. A total of 192 convention delegates from the district will cast their votes to select the state office bearers.

According to the Morang Congress, a total of 3551 regional representatives had won in the district. According to party secretary Ghimire, 99 percent of them cast their votes for the election. Morang’s Constituency No. 1 ‘A’ 283 and ‘B’ 376, 2 ‘A’ 298 and ‘B’ 384, 3 ‘A’ 259 and ‘B’ 260, 4 ‘A’ 352 and ‘B’ 338, There were 256 voters in 5 ‘A’ 246 and ‘B’ 197, Constituency No. 6 ‘A’ 304 and ‘B’.

Central leaders Mahesh Acharya, Dr. Shekhar Koirala, Minendra Rijal, and Armat Aryalaya had special roles. The central leaders have taken initiative and effort to elect their own party president and representative.

In some constituencies, there is competition between Morang Congress Secretary Nagesh Koirala and Congress Parliamentary Party No. 1 Chief Whip and Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Kedar Karki.

Although both the leaders belong to the same camp, they have competed internally in the municipal and state constituency elections.



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