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One lakh Dodge Pfizer vaccines coming from the USA, preparing to treat the chronically ill

8 October, Kathmandu: The Pfizer vaccines against 1,620 doses of corona announced by the United States as a grant to Nepal is arriving in Nepal today.

The Pfizer vaccine provided by the United States is coming to Nepal today. The vaccine will arrive at Tribhuvan International Airport on a Qatar Airways flight at 9 am today.

Earlier, the United States had provided 1.534 million doses of the Corona vaccine to Nepal from Johnson & Johnson.

Pfizer will be the fourth vaccine to be used in Nepal. AstraZeneca, Vero cell, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been used in Nepal before.

The Pfizer vaccine, jointly developed by US company Pfizer and German company Bioentek, will be effective in the age group of 12 years and above, according to the US Center for Disease Control. Research has confirmed that the vaccine, which requires two doses over one month, is 95 percent effective.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Krishna Prasad Poudel said that the vaccine would be given to long-term patients as it was in small quantities. The United States is preparing to bring an additional 6 million doses of Pfizer vaccine next December. The government is ready to vaccinate the children after the vaccination.

The Pfizer vaccine should be stored at a temperature of minus 70 degrees Celsius. Four refrigerators have already been brought to Nepal for storage of this vaccine through UNICEF.

Under the Covax facility, 120,000 doses of vaccine can be stored in the fridge that came to Nepal through UNICEF.

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