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NBC Launches new program related to Bachelor of Information Technology

Biratnagar: Nepal Business College (NBC) brings a new program related to Bachelor of Information Technology.

Nepal Business College, Biratnagar has introduced a new program related to Bachelor of Information Technology. The college has given the information while organizing a press conference in Biratnagar on Saturday. Director of the college Deepak Koirala informed that BIT teaching has been started in connection with Lincoln University of Malaysia.

The college has stated that the new program has been brought with the approval of the Government of Nepal. Koirala, the director of the college, which operates BIT Bachelor of Information Technology differently and effectively than TU, said. He said that the course would cost Rs 516,000 and the final year students would be given the same amount to visit and train in Thailand.

Nepal Business College has been teaching 5 students studying in BBA, MBA, and BHM on full scholarship. The college administration has stated that 50 percent of scholarships will be given to the top student, 30 percent to the second-place student, and 20 percent to the third-place student.



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