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Airlines in Mugu are charging arbitrary fares from passengers

November 10: At Rara Airport in the mugu district, private airlines have started charging Rs 12,000 from one passenger in the name of cargo. The private airlines used to charge Rs 6,500 per person fromĀ Mugu to Nepalgunj.

Rabindra Swar, manager of Royal Contracts, said that private airlines used to charge Rs 12,000 per person atĀ Rara Airport. He has accused the police administration of remaining silent at the airport till the airlines like it.

On the other hand, after the private airlines started favoring the distribution of tickets, the general public and the sick have been suffering to get air tickets. Passengers have been forced to starve at the airport for four or five days without getting air tickets.

According to the formula of Soru, some passengers have been forced to return home crying after not getting an air ticket for four or five days. Instead, it is easy to get a ticket for a CA member, he said, adding that it is very difficult to get a plane ticket at Rara Airport. Locals allege that they have been giving air tickets to their people at private airports ignoring the rules and regulations.

It has become difficult for the passengers to meet the staff while distributing air tickets wherever they like without distributing air tickets to the passengers inside the staff office of Rara Airport Airlines.

Laxmi Shahi, the station in charge of Tara Airlines, said that there were no passengers coming to Mugu from Nepalgunj and they were forced to call an empty plane and send passengers from here. According to Shahi, it was difficult for the locals to get tickets when the tourists visiting Rara came with double air tickets

The district administration office has written to the private airlines not to charge high airfares and provide equal tickets to tourists and locals. Chief District Officer Ram Bahadur Mahat said that action would be taken against the private airlines if the letter was not implemented.

After about 19 months in Mugu, last year, the corporation’s plane flew only for one day, but the passengers have been hit by the private airlines due to non-regular lifting.

The Nepal Airlines Corporation has set a fare of 5,335 from Nepalgunj to Nepalgunj and 5,335 from Nepalgunj to Mugu, but the flight has not been regular. According to the Chief District Officer of Mugu that the brokerage service will not be terminated by the private airlines until the Corporation’s ships take regular flights.



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