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Maobadi Will Rise Again And Leads The Country: Prachanda | Budhaako Josh Will Make You Fire

Nepal online Patrika reported that the Nekapa Maaobadi Cheif Puspa Kamal Dahal told that high level of politicians is becoming more corrupt.

Wednesday at the party center of Perisdada as the reminder of Post Badhaur Bogati Maaobadi Cheif Puspa Kamal Dahal said that there is still burning fire inside Nepali peoples hearts. He also said that millions of people have come to the streets to show that regression must be defeated. He also said that the anti-regression movement has taught them a lesson that they should not go astray.

Dahal said that the post-regression movement on January 19 showed that millions of people were ready to take to the streets for revolution. “It simply came to our notice then. We are the leaders who will get higher positions and enjoy walking in groups, we are the leader at the top, not the bottom, ‘Dahal said. He said that they may have to go on the road if necessary. “We may have to take to the streets if need be. We may have to take to the streets to improve the distorted bourgeois system. ‘

He also said that no one can stop anyone if we work being honest. He also told that they will continue the alliance to protect the constitution and democracy of Nepal. He claims that by continuing the alliance, he will get two-thirds of the votes in the upcoming elections.



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