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7 lakh left for license test

November 16, 2021: A new operation for the driving license test was opened on November 25, but closed lower than a week latterly, citing problems. The number of people applying for motorist’s license, which has been closed for a long time, has reached nearly in just four weeks. 

Transport Management reveals, the number of aspirants for the license has exceeded, including those who are staying for the examination by giving the first operation. Although the department originally said that it would accept operations on a diurnal base by setting proportions in the license services, the department is setting an’ appointment’ date for the service donors months latterly. The Department of Transportation had restarted the operation on October 25. According to the Department of Transport Management, numerous operations have been entered in a short time as the service has not been running regularly for the last two times. 

The operation was held by the Transportation Management Office due to covid infection. Although the operation was opened in the alternate week of October, it was closed for about four days. Prophet told that there was an issue filling operation at the same time. 

The examination for a new motorist’s license was halted in April 2076 BS after the government assessed a lockdown due to Kovid. Although the online form was opened in January last time saying that the infection had dropped, it was held up after the infection increased again. Numerous service donors have been suffering due to a lack of regular examinations for the last two times. 



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