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Three people, including a mother and son, have been arrested for sex work in Itahari

Itahari: Three persons have been arrested for operating a brothel in Itahari. Police have arrested a mother and a customer of a hotel operator in Itahari. A customer along with his mother has been arrested on the charge of prostitution from a hotel at Itahari 12.

Among the arrested are Savitra Lamichhane, who has been running a hotel in Itahari 12, and her son Kiran Lamichhane. Similarly, police have also arrested Gunaraj Pokhrel of Itahari 11 who had become a customer.

According to the police, the 22-year-old girl has been kept in a hotel and engaged in sex work. Police said that further investigation is underway into the incident. Police said that they are still investigating.

Simply a single sexual encounter costs anything between Rs 100 and Rs 300. Most of the sex workers here say they feel guilty about their profession

Babal report 🙂



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