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Home Ministry Inquiry With Foreign Ministry About Border Issue With Beijing

The Home Ministry Affairs Wrote To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the issue with Beijing on Monday. The panel submitted their report addressing boundary issues between Nepal & China line at the Nepal China Joint Boundary Treaty.

On August 21, the panel of Jaya Narayan Acharya who is joint secretary of the Ministry Of Home Affairs formed by The Sher Bahadur Deuba government. The team will study the boundary issues of the Nepal-China border in the region from Limi Lapsa to Hilsa of Humla in detail. The panel report suggested last Sunday to the government to build up a joint boundary inspection group combining experts from both countries China & Nepal to resolve those issues as soon as possible.

“We have already written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the issue with China to resolve the issues based on the proposal submitted by the Acharya’s new deputy spokesperson Dil Kumar Tamang for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told the Post. “We cannot disclose the contents of the report, but in the letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we provided the suggestions expressed by the college to resolve any outstanding disputes between the two countries. Letter from the Ministry of the Interior to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs comes a day earlier the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Nepal-China border treaty.



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