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The increasing number of youths going for foreign employment

Monday, December 13: The number of youths going abroad for foreign employment increases day by day. In the last four months, 1,792 people have taken labour permits to go to different countries for foreign employment.

According to the Secure Immigration Project Sami, 107 women and 1,685 men have taken labour permits from the district to go to different countries for foreign employment. The government’s crackdown in July and August has also resulted in many labour permits going abroad for employment.

According to Santosh Rai, Program Coordinator of Safe Immigration Project Sami, more than 60,000 people have arrived in different countries for foreign employment in Khotang, ten local levels. Department of Foreign Employment statistics shows Khotang is in 19th place among the districts where young people go abroad for foreign employment. In the fiscal year 2077-78 alone, 1,928 citizens of the district have gone out for foreign employment amidst the global epidemic.

foreign employment

According to Rai, 104 women of Khotang have gone abroad for foreign employment even in the midst of the Corona epidemic. Which has been found that most of the locals of the district, which has two municipalities and eight villages, have youths in different countries for foreign employment. Up to five household members, including father, daughter, and daughter-in-law, are living abroad for foreign employment.

The youths have been saying that they are forced to go abroad for employment as there is no further source of income other than subsistence farming in the hilly district. The Sami project has stated that the financial condition of the families who have gone for foreign employment is also improving.

Sami, who is working to make foreign employment safe and dignified, has received nine complaints related to foreign employment. Five complaints have been lodged in search and rescue, one for retrieving the bodies of the deceased, two for financial assistance, and one for the grievance of human resources.

During the last four months, 182 women and 461 men have come to the information centre at Diktel to get information about foreign employment. Sami has been imparting knowledge and skills related to financial literacy to the female members of the family who have gone for foreign employment.



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