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Prime Minister Deuba Recommend for electric stove

Nepal, Wednesday: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba told that government will support running the electric stoves and electric buses. Speaking at the General Assemblies of the Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal (IPPAN) Deuba told that the Nepal government is ready to support entrepreneurs to run electric buses and stoves on Tuesday’s meeting.

Concerning the increasing status of pollutions and high consumptions of petrol, Deuba picked the right way to bring new solutions for the nation. He encourages the nation to use electric materials and be a sample for the shake of the world. He also said to the power producers that there is no need to worry about work licenses for this matter and they can feel free to start their business.

electricity towers

Speaking at the meeting Deuba expressed that ‘We don’t need to use gas stoves because we have more electricity and we can run our vehicle using batteries. We can operate buses. Stoves can be electric too. I think we should go like this over the nation’ he said. There is huge electricity generated is being wasted due to low consumption and low demand in Nepal. In such a situation, if we can utilize that energy in various electric aspects there will no longer need to depend on petroleum material and it will also improve environmental health.

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