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385 New COVET 19 Cases Found In Nepal | Possibilities of more new cases

There were new 385 COVET-19 cases according to the report in the last 24 hours. 680 were Recovered and 6 Were dead according to the Ministry of Health and Population Nepal.

Nearly 3 weeks before, the Nepal government allowed a visa for those travelers who are vaccinated and 7-day mandatory quarantine for foreigners to revive the struggling situation of the tourism industry. In the comparison of the previous cases, it seems more managed and controlled in affections. There are possibilities have seen of increasing new COVET cases due to this tourism campaign that’s why all peoples need to manage their life safely.

There are 805037 total cases registered and 12297 found infected yet. 781456 bits of patience were recovered till the movement and 11284 died due to coronavirus among 4320824 PCR tests in Nepal.



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