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New contagious disease among children on the rise in Pokhara – Babal news appeals to save children

Saturday, November 13, 2021: Another contagious disease has spread among children in Pokhara. Recently, when the same type of chest infection has spread in children, the infection of another new disease (hand, foot, mouth disease) has increased.

The children are now infected with the contagious disease caused by the coxsackievirus A-six. Ram Chandra Bastola informed. This type of infection is especially prevalent in children under one year of age, he said.

“Currently, there is a widespread disease among children in Pokhara, which we also call human malnutrition in Nepal,” said Dr. Bastola said, “The number of young children coming to the hospital and being admitted due to such diseases has skyrocketed.” At present, 14/15 people come to the Western Regional Hospital every day and 5/7 people come to Om Hospital for treatment of this disease, he said. He said that the number of infected people in other hospitals may be the same.

Meanwhile, the number of children suffering from such diseases is increasing at GMC (Gandaki Medical College) Hospital, said Dr. Prakash Gautam, a resident of the hospital. He said that children infected with the disease are coming to the hospital’s OPD and emergency room every day. Dr. Gautam said, “Initially, the number of children coming to the hospital is increasing as it is considered normal for them to get sores on their hands and feet.

Children infected with the disease have a sore throat, eat less food, have sores on the palate, spread the tongue around the lips, have a fever of fewer than 102 degrees for 2/3 days, have sores around the hands and feet, around the feet and legs and the anus.

Since the disease is transmitted from one place to another through urine, feces, and sweat, special attention should be paid to hygiene and protecting each other if there are other children in the house. Bastola explained. “Special care must be taken to prevent the spread of the disease. That’s not exactly what medicine is for, “he said.

The disease can be identified by wounds on the hands, feet, and mouth, and if the EV Seventy-One virus is found in this contagious disease, complex symptoms like encephalitis and meningitis can also appear. Bastola explained.

Dr. Bastola also urged the people to be more vigilant as the disease, which had been rampant in previous years, has become more prevalent this year.



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