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Chhath Parba Started After Finishing Tihar

As soon as the second big festival of Nepal, Tihar, is over, Chhath Parba has started in the Terai districts including the capital.

The construction of Chhath Ghat has started in an attractive manner on the banks of Bagmati under the Guheyeshwari temple in the Pashupati area.

675 Chhath Ghats or places of worship have been constructed in this area. Chhath puja was postponed last year due to corona.

In 2076 BS, the Pashupati Area Development Fund also provided Rs. 600,000 to the Guheshwari Gaurighat Chhath Puja Committee. The committee has stated that it has received a promise to help this year as well.

Similarly, Chhath Ghat is being constructed to celebrate Chhath in places including Kamalpokhari and Nag Pokhari.

Chhath is celebrated by offering argha to the setting and rising sun. The method of Chhath is said to start from the day after Kojagrat Purnima i.e. Kartik Krishna Pratipada.

Those who enter Chhath Ghat by fasting Chhath and worshiping the sun with worship and adoration, have been fasting since Kartik Krishna Pratipada without eating garlic, onion, and other tamasi food items.

On the day of Kartik Shukla Panchami, Bartalu eats kharna made from pure foods including sugar and ghee. It is also considered a method of Chhath. Bartalu pays homage to the setting sun on the evening of Kartik Shukla Shashthi, the main day of Chhath.

This year, the main day of this festival falls on Wednesday, November 10. The Chhath festival ends the next day, on the day of Kartik Shukla Saptari, after offering argha to the rising sun.

Secretary of the committee Yadav says that this festival is also associated with agricultural products in the agricultural country. This time of entering the farmer’s house by producing new grains is also being used as an opportunity to offer those grains to the deity.

The government has resumed the public holiday of Chhath, which was cut last year, from this year. A public holiday was given on Wednesday, November 8 on the occasion of the festival



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