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Demand immediate reversal of the decision to increase fees

Kathmandu, Wednesday: The All Nepal National Independent Student Union (ANNFSU) has demanded the government to immediately reverse the recent decision of the Institute of Medical Education, Maharajganj to increase fees. In a statement issued on Wednesday, UNHCR demanded that the fee be withdrawn from the students, saying that the fee should not exceed the fee fixed by the Medical Education Commission under any pretext.

A statement issued by UNHCR Chairperson Sunita Baral said that all the educational institutions that have charged more than the fee fixed by the commission should be immediately reimbursed. The statement said that despite the students repeatedly submitting petitions to the Medical Education Commission, Dean’s Office, and other concerned bodies for investigation and action, there was no action taken against the culprits.

The Institute of Medical Studies, Maharajgunj has increased the fees above the fees set by the Commission on November 22 in a way that would impose more financial burden on the students and benefit the operators of private educational institutions.



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