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15 Bed Capacity Hospital Treats 165, 105 Patients Discharged

Bahadurganj, kapilvastu

In the situation of an increasing number of diarrhea patience in Kapilvastu due to drinking polluted water, Hospital has a limited capacity of 15 beds.

Bamboo is used to hold the line stand and 5-7 saline bottles are hanged on coconut rope. diarrhea patients are laying down in the open sky under the mango and peepal tree. Above 35 patient treatment is running under this situation in Shivaraj Hospital, Krishna Nagar municipality. diarrhea was expanded from Monday to Wednesday over 6 villages of 3 wards and 305 patience came till now. Symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and weakness.

Patience laying outside of hospital due to diarrhea in Bahadurganj, kapilvastu

More than 100 people are treating in private hospitals and patience with less sickness are treating at home. Currently, there are more than 165 treatments running in Shivaraj Hospital and 35 were sent to the District Hospital. 500 patience has been discharged till Wednesday evening 5:00 pm. Lack of tools and area hospital is small and the situation is Sensitive.



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