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Sardar Udham Singh Movie Full Download-2021 review

Who was Sardar Udham Singh?

Sardar Udham Singh was a revolutionary man who assassinated Micheal O’Dwyer in 1940. He is known as an Indian hero who fought for freedom. He was inspired by HSRA (Hindustan Socialist Republican Association) and Bhagat Singh. Amazing actor Vicky Kaushal has played Sardar Udham Singh in this movie

Sardar Udham Movie Release Date

This movie was released on October 16, 2021. It has a 9.1 out of 10 IMDb rating directed by Shoojit Sircar. 

Sardar Udham Movie

The life of a revolutionary freedom fighter Sardar Udham Singh is very popular for assassinating Michael O’Dwyer in London for an act of revenge in 1919 on the issue of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar, Panjab.

This movie is made on Jallianwala Bagh tragedy with Sardar Uddam Singh of Amritsar, India in 1919. He was born in 1899. Sardar Udham was 20-year-old youth at the time of the Jallianwala Bagh event. He went the London and assassinated Michael O’Dwyer in 1940. the Lieutenant governor of Panjab Michel Odoyer gave the order to general dyer to shoot all the people. 

2.6 million Indians lost their lives fighting for the British, during World War I and II. 4 million Indians died of starvation during the ‘man-made’ Bengal famine caused by Winston Churchill’s wartime policies.

He changed many names and identities when preparing for assassination. He changed many names such as Uddam Singh, Uday Singh, Sher Singh, Fran Brazil, and sometimes Ram Mohamand Sing Ajaad, etc. 

Jallianwala Bagh is a very emotional tragedy for mankind. 1650 bullets were fired and more than thousands of people died and wanded according to records. There were children, olds, adults and more. A 20 years old youth saw that whole event and lived his whole life with this memory and he was udham singh. He assassinated Michael O’Dwyer after 21 years of that event. He knew that he will be hanged after this and there was no fear of death on him. That night of Jallianwala Bagh completely changed him as a brutal human against British policy.

Sardar Udham Singh Movie Scene

This movie shows how a man called the udham sign becomes brutal of death and fights for freedom. Udham Singh’s mortal remains were exhumed and repatriated to India in 1974. Several secret documents related to Udham Singh remain undisclosed till date. The after shock of the tragedy can still be felt in the streets of Amritsar.

More than 100 years later, India is yet to receive an official apology from the British Government for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. This is not only the biopic of a man udham singh but a demonstration of thought. What happens when rulers and politicians cross the limit.

Sardar Udham Sing movie story in brief

A young youth of 20 years old in Panjab named Udham Singh faces the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy during British rule in India. They kill thousands of people on a movement without giving any warning. Udham Singh loses his neighbors and his girlfriend on this firing. He took all the wounded people in the firing and take them to the hospital. He struggles the whole night playing with various sorts of dead bodies and realizes that he is alive to assassinate the target.

He enters London using many names such as Uday Singh, udham singh, Sher Singh, Fran Brazil, and sometimes Ram Mohamand Sing Ajaad and set up the whole process to kill his target. He waits for 21 years to kill Michael O’Dwyer.

He shoots 6 bullets on Odyers inside a big hall when giving a speech and arrested. He easily accepted the sentence for death.

FAQ Related Sardar udham singh

Who was Sardar Udham Singh?

Sardar Udham Singh was a common man who turned into a revolutionary freedom fighter after seeing thousands of death in the Jassianwala Bagh event. He lived his whole life struggling to assassinate the cruel British ruler Michael O’Dwyer.

Where can I watch Udham Singh?

You can buy Amazon Prime’s subscription to watch Sardar Udham Singh’s movie.

How did Udham Singh die?

Revolutionary Sardar udham singh was hanged at Pentonville Prison on 31 July 1940. He could pardon and choose to live but he didn’t.

Who killed General O’Dwyer?

In 1940, in the revenge for the massacre, General O Dyer was killed on the stage among many peoples by an Indian man Udham Singh.



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