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The world’s richest Musk became homeless

New York: Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, is homeless. According to his plan to get rid of material possessions, he has recently sold the house he owned.

Musk, the founder of Tesla, one of the most valuable electric vehicle manufacturers, and SpaceX, a company that has been doing ambitious work in space science, announced last year that it would free itself from all material possessions. He said that material wealth would distract him from the big goal and he wanted to get rid of it.

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Musk has also sold the last remaining Silicon Valley (California) luxury home in his name. “It was perfect for a big family,” he wrote of the house. Such families are now moving in. This place is special. This year, he has added 122.3 billion to his fortune.

According to the Bloomberg list, his net worth now stands at 292. He said he wanted to get rid of all his possessions, including land, by 2020 to focus on bigger goals, such as delivering Space X to Mars. Meanwhile, in the middle of this year, he had made public that he had sold all the material possessions except ten bedrooms and a bungalow of 1,486 square meters. He has sold the remaining house for 30 million.

Last June, however, he tweeted that the house was for sale for ७५ 37.5 million. However, after no sales, he re-listed in October for about 32 million, a record for most real estate sales systems. Of that, about 2 million were sold.

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Built in 1912, the 47-acre Musk House, known as the Gignicourt, is considered historic. After the sale of the house, Musk is now living in a house in Texas provided by SpaceX.



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