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A Deep Dive into Hot Sugar: Who Is He?

Nick Koenig, famously known as Hot Sugar, is a record producer based in New York who owns the record label Noise Collector. One of his most renowned works is the 2015 documentary Hot Sugar’s Cold World. His work mainly centers on genres such as dance and electronic, with his sound allowing him to collaborate with numerous artists in the industry. Below, we dive further into Hot Sugar’s career.

EPs and Albums

Hot Sugar began his career by releasing his debut EP, Muscle Milk, in 2011. The following year, 2012, saw him release other EPs, Moon Money and Midi Murder. He also made a mark on the music scene in 2013 with his release of the EP Made Man. In 2015, the producer released his debut album, God’s Hand on Break World Records. The same year also marked a momentous turn in his career, with Adam Bhala’s Hot Sugar’s Cold World documentary receiving an honorable mention at the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival. Other EPs by Hot Sugar include Mob Mentality (2019) and Life Support (2019).

Hot Sugar’s next album was released in 2017, titled The Melody Of Dust. Some of his music has been featured in Broad City and MS Marvel, marking yet another significant milestone. The producer has also directed numerous music videos, propelling his visual creativity further. Other notable studio albums by Hot Sugar include Atlas, released in 2020, and Torchlight and Candlelight, released in 2020. Screen light is his latest album, released in 2022.

Some of his compilation albums include Solid Steel (2012), Seductive Nightmares 1 (2013), Solid Nightmares 2 (2014), Skeletons (2014), and Seductive Nightmares 3 (2016). Hot Sugar’s work also involves directing music videos, with some notable ones being Awful Things, Smashing Pumpkins, and Spotlight.

Music Influences

Hot Sugar draws inspiration from instrument sounds, non-traditional places, and found sounds, merging them into associative music. This is a technique he has been perfecting since he was 13, with Hot Sugar describing associative music as a way to capture sounds in the same manner, a photographer would capture an image. Whatever he finds poetic, he records and translates into his music.

Some of Hot Sugar’s earliest influences are Kenneth Anger and John Waters. He notes that these filmmakers have had a vital role in modern culture, with their innovations helping shape the entertainment industry.   


Hot Sugar has collaborated with a few artists, the most recent being Lucki Eck$’s new song, All Senses. This collaboration is part of Closed Sessions, a documentary that gives viewers an in-depth look into how the music was put together. The new artist, Lucki, explores new sounds in his recent creation, with the music produced by Hot Sugar moving away from the artist’s slow tempo to faster and drum-heavy production.  

Another notable collaboration has been with Blackbear, with Mix Tape being released on November 27, 2017. Hot Sugar has also worked with The Roots, producing their song Sleep in 2011. This song was included on their album Undun, making it his first major collaboration and paving the way for other contributions, such as music videos.

Hot Sugar has only scratched the surface in his career, with his skill only getting better as he gears up to produce more content for his audience.



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