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Russian military autos blazed up on the streets of Ukraine for 64 kilometers

Satellite images taken on Monday show a convoy of Russian military convoys stretching 64 kilometers north of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Earlier, it was reported that the convoy had spread up to 27 kilometers in the area to result in Russia and Ukraine War.

In the photos collected by the American company Maxar, the Russian convoy covers the area from the road near Antonov Airport to the city of Prybersk. “Many houses and buildings appear to be burning in the north and northwest of Ivankiv, near the convoy,” Maxer said.

Russia has deployed ground-attack helicopter units and additional ground forces in southern Belarus, barely 32 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, according to Maxer Technology.

Since the start of the Russian offensive on Thursday, the Ukrainian army has retaliated against an attack by Russian forces on its way to central Kyiv. Russian forces on Monday urged Ukrainians to leave Kyiv “freely” on a highway on the eve of the attack to seize the capital.



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