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Russia records 33,000 COVET cases: only 32% are fully vaccinated

Only 32% of Russians are fully vaccinated against COVET-19. A lack of tuff restrictions has allowed the virus to spread on chained the kremlin content news to avoid implementations of strict restrictions even though the vaccination rate quote on quote unexpectedly in though.

kremlin says the authorities have to ensure the economy continues working. Several regions have been used QR codes for access to public places. People are voicing concern about the covet situation that is becoming grimmer by the day.

Authorities blame Russians for growing outbreaks. Kremlin spokesperson has said that everything has been done to give the public a chance to save their lives by getting vaccinated. Russia develops vaccine skeptic and it has been available for several months now. However many Russians are acceptable about getting vaccinated. Independent polls show that more than half of Russians do not plan to get a vaccine shot. More than two hundred and 22 thousand people have lost their lives in Russia due to COVET-19



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