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Will India be The Next Biggest Defense Military Power? Modi Devoted 7 Companies:65000 crores already Invested

Friday, Oct 15, 2021

On the occasion of Vijayadashami today Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated 7 companies from the defense sector towards the service of the country. These companies will produce pistols for a fighter plane and this is a big step to make self-reliant India.

Prime Minister dedicated his precious congrats to all the citizens and his friends on this occasion of Vijaya Dashami. He also told that this day is very important because today is the birthday of Dr.Apj Abdul Kalam. Prime Minister Modi showed his respect to Kalam the Ex-President and Gemstone of India. He also noted that the contribution of Apj Abdul Kalam to make a powerful India is remarkable. This is a big inspiration for all of us.

Demonstrating respect to kalam he said “These new seven companies launching today in the defense sector will add more power to the resolution of kalam. India has entered its 75th freedom day. In this moment of freedom, the country is taking this new resolution to make a new future. Modi also told that all the tasks which were being postponed for 10 years will be also completed through this campaign.

Modi respected on the precious property of India Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam’s Birthday

These seven companies will be a strong base for India’s army in the coming future.

The ordnance factories of India used to count on the most powerful organizations in the world in history. There was a need to upgrade those factories after freedom with new-age technology but it didn’t get more attention. Later India started to depend on those technological things with foreign countries and these new 7 defense companies will play a big role to bring new changes. According to Self-reliant India Campian, India aims to make the most powerful military power.

India has started to investigate the defense possibilities for the nation. Modi revealed that both private and government sectors are going forward combining in this matter. He also revealed that defense export has been increased more than 300.15% in the last five years due to changes in the policy. There is no need to import more than 100 defense tools from outer countries now. The country has placed an order of 65 thousand crores for these news companies already.

These companies will fulfill the needs of ammunition, army vehicle manufacturers, advanced weapons and equipment, turf comfort items, optical electronics, and pursuit, etc. The aim is not to be only an expert in this field but to become an universal big brand, Modi said. Quality and reliability will be the main identification of those companies and those will get full freedom to show their talent in ordinance factories. The growth and brand value of any country or company are determined by its research and innovation in the 21st century. Prime Minister ensures that India will be the biggest example for the growth of software to the spaceship.

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