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The Expanding Gigerverse Looks to Add Junkyard Joe to Its Roster

Are you an avid comic reader looking for something a little different? Well, Geoff Johns is here to help! This legendary comic creator is behind some of the biggest and most respected comics in the world, having written for DC for many years. Recently, he struck out on his own with Image Comics to produce a new series in what he is calling the Geigerverse or Unnamed Universe.

In October, he and fellow creator Gary Franks are celebrating the latest release in this series, “Junkyard Joe.” The first edition of this comic is going to be a special one that is dear to their hearts. That’s because they took the huge step of connecting it with an important charity focused on supporting the homeless community. Understanding this story is important for comic fans interested in great stories.

The Unique World of Junkyard Joe

“Junkyard Joe” is a to-be-released comic (coming in October 2022) that features a robotic soldier surviving during the Vietnam War and into the “Unnamed War.” This war is the war-to-end-all-wars and ends with the planet’s surface completely irradiated. Joe is one of the few creatures able to live there.

However, he eventually runs into Geiger, the titular character of the comic “Geiger” and the larger Geigerverse. The two quickly engage in an epic battle, we won’t spoil the outcome!

The hype around Joe is already huge. Fans of the Geigerverse are already pre-ordering the first issue and have been for several months. Furthermore, the team is excited to release a black-and-white special edition designed to support homeless veterans through charitable donations.

It’s acts like these that make comics such a positive source of inspiration. Creators like Johns and Franks believe in the goodness inherent in humanity and try to help those that they can. Thankfully, “Junkyard Joe” also looks to bring a unique sense of reality into an unreal world. 

What Joe Brings to Comics

Johns and Franks originally thought of “Junkyard Joe” as an accessory or side story to the wider Geigerverse. However, as they prepared this comic for release, they found themselves drawn more and more into Joe’s spell. The character has a unique worldview and one that is surprisingly human and innocent, in spite of some terrible actions. Johns had this to say on the story:

“For a story centered on a violent robotic soldier, JUNKYARD JOE is one of the most human stories I’ve ever written. Gary and I have always centered our stories around the heart of our characters, around emotion. With Superman, we explored what friends meant to him in our Legion of Super-Heroes arc, and then what family was to him in Brainiac and Secret Origin.

He continued, saying, “We re-introduced Shazam and focused on the literal magic of finding family. And with Doomsday Clock, we wanted to contrast Watchmen, the greatest comic book story ever written, and the influence it’s had, with Superman, the greatest comic book character ever created, and the influence he has, which is powerful and undeniable.

“With Junkyard Joe, Gary and I have again created from the heart, a story of an old man full of regret and trauma who doesn’t see much of a life ahead, until Junkyard Joe shows up.”

Within the universe, Johns and Franks see Joe as a reflection of Giger’s lost humanity and a way for the character to earn some redemption. They also see him as a unique way to explore the nation’s history and see what events brought them to the brink of war. Even better, they love the opportunity to release this comic in a limited-edition to help the homeless veterans who need assistance in their life.

It’s all very exciting and early pre-sales have been promising. Franks and Johns are banking on word-of-mouth garnering more interest from potential readers. Furthermore, they believe that fans interested in the series will stick around once they’ve read what they’ve produced. In this way, future partnerships with other charities may be possible to help improve the lives of as many people as possible.



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