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Davide Silvestri tears reveal that he was a worker when they stopped invoking an actor

Al GF VIP reveals that Davide Silvestri did work as a worker when they stopped invoking him as an actor. Davide Silvestri’s tears inspired by the video of his father reveal this breaking fact. When he was one of the stars of the Italian TV and cinema at 16 overwhelmed by the success and later when TV and Cinema turned their ass back on him, he had to recreate himself. He said, “Working is not a shame”.

Davide Silvestri’s tears reveal that he was a worker when they stopped invoking him as an actor. He touched celeb heights without even realizing it but when it was forgotten He says “I happened upon the set by chance, discovered by a photographer who took off my earrings and gave me my first audition. In the end, the casting asked me if I had a problem like that in the family because I probably liked what I had acted out particularly well.” He is now a reality contestant at 40 years.

After that, he became a most searched actor and played many prominent roles and fictional roles from Capri a The brothers, Don Matteo e Mobile team. Davide Silvestri also acted in Dad’s Girlfriend cinema. He is getting married at Christmas. He participated in the first edition of the Island of the Famous in 2003 conducted by Simona Ventura and produced by Rai2.

During the struggling period, he worked as a worker to survive because he didn’t have any stable job. Silvestre told that how he realized that how his life changed with some simple words of his father. Once his father told him that he should be ashamed if he went to steal, not to work. He speaks on live TV emotionally.

La fidanzata di papa was his feature movie in 2008 while he was 28. He had seen in other 4 feature films since 2008 and the last one is First Happiness which came in 2011. His awesome Alberto character was amazing in this movie. He worked as Matteo Bondi when 28 in the La fidanzata di papa film, Manolo in Vita smeralda in 2006.

List of movies and tv series of Davide Silvestri

Vita semralda (2006) Manolo
Scrivilo sui muri (2007) Fidanzato Sole
La fidanzata di papa (2008) Matteo Bondi
Father Matthew (Tv show in 2000)
Davide Silvestri movies list

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FAQ Related Davide Silvestri

Who is Davide Silvestri?

Davide Silvestri is an Italian actor, tv reality show contestant. He was born on 14 March 1980 in Milan city of Italy. He is currently running at 40. His full name is Davide Daniele Silvestri.

What is Davide Silvestri’s favorite sport?

Davide loves Cycle sport and is also known as a cyclist.



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