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Babality of Babal News | End of The World Is Near To Us | Humanity Needs To Realize As Soon As Possible

Babal news is released on September 9, 2021, to provide a high variation of truthful news to the worldwide in this current situation of babality everywhere. It covers national and international news as well as entertainment, lifestyle, politics, sports, technology, movies, gaming, spirituality, youth motivation, and more genre.

There are a lot of news and media companies broadcasting news every day but a lot of to make audiences and TRP make unnecessary suspense with babality content and truth always remain back. A user has the right to get pure news. Big companies and media are meshing around with readers’ minds and planting unworthy insights and thoughts that are only beneficial for these. The founder of Smartwayofblogging (Smart Blogging Solution)-Ajay Basnet said “Behind the reason of establishing the babal news was very big.”

So calling media websites hesitate to cover the reality of nature, spirituality, and animal rights which are the primary things to be covered for humanity. Many personalities that should come out in public and need to be spread are still backward due to this culture of forwarding only spicy and tasty news online.

babal babality

In other words, people have changed their taste to read the news. we only attract if something happens bad or very good that triggers our mind. There are a lot of issues that humanity should focus on beyond this spicy news such as growing population and starvation, animal rights and violence, polluted nature and increasing temperature of the earth, high consumptions of petroleum products, water pollution in big cities, more comfort of billionaires, pollution of the human mind with less value culture, Religious Conflict and unnecessary production of the nuclear bomb, high pressure of human consumption in every aspect of life and increasing health issues and more. There is everywhere babality that always meshes a healthy mind.

Even human thinks they are the best and most intelligent creature but if you see the lifestyle, in general, you can see that a flying bird is happier than a man even a bird has no property and money. A wild animal lives in a more clean and less polluted place than a man in dirty cities. They take pure oxygen than us. These things are worth noticeable if humanity has realized something from such pandemics as coronavirus and world wars II.

babal babality

It is more beneficial to fix our relationship with our families, nature, and animals rather than fixing space ship far away in another galaxy. Billions of dollars are invested in fixing those issues which are less prioritized and they just come from the mind’s nature of curiosity to explore.

Everyone should face a babality phase in life. This is the biggest proof that human is very unhappy and unsatisfied with their life that’s they are searching for happiness and satisfaction in the unlimited far sky. An astronaut who lived their whole life in space exploration in the search of his/her inner peace may realize this fact at the end moment of her/his life.

If humanity can see this fact with babal intelligently featured mind with that there is more beneficial fixing these major issues on earth.

Babal news intends to fix the core values that need to be raised and erase those which are useless. the support of a wise person matters for the end of this babality of the world.

In most, cases journalism has become very infectious and harmful for everyone. All the news that you read online may not be optimized for your psychological health. One of the best examples can the united states where most of the people are suffering from mental issues despite they have enough financial conditions. This is all because of the big commercial media and companies who will be very happy if you forget your right values and use their products and services. Your being of unawareness is very beneficial for those businesses and creating babality is easy for them.

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