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4 injured by shooting in Texas school, the suspect is in lock-up

Thursday, Oct 7, 2021

During a fight on Wednesday, an old student of 18 years opened fire inside Timebervieww High School in Arlington, Texas. In this incident, four people are injured local authorities said.

Law enforcement officers are reaching the Timberview High School and the crowd has increased now in the Dallas area. There is a huge huddle because law enforcement officers gather in the parking lot in the High School after the shooting inside. Vehicles are line up on the road of Mansfield ISD Center where children were evacuated due to a school shooting in Arlington.

A SWAT officer manages traffic to a parking area for those families who are arriving to meet their children in Texas Wednesday. This family is waiting to reunite with their children in a separate Mansfield ISD Center.

Babalnews report.



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