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Tarun Gill Preparing For Sheru Classic Competiton | Only 8 Weeks Remains

Tarun Gill Recently Transformed his body with his 100-day transformation strategy.

Tarun Gill one of India’s leading fitness and bodybuilding marketing expert with more than 1.33M Subscribers on the YouTube channel ‘Tarun Gill’ has been recently changed his body look from a bulky muscle to an amazing aesthetic look. He told that he level up his muscle in 0 to 100 days. Now the body is ready to go for the competition. Now the body is completely ready to go next level and chest fat is in its best position. Before his body was completely meshed because of a lot of travel and carelessness.

According to gill now he has only 8 weeks to prepare for his body to level up for competition and he will be revealing this in further series. His trainer said “Now such thing going to happen in these 8 weeks that never happened before” in Sheru Classic.



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