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New Study Shows That Regular Exercise reduces the risk and death from pneumonia.

New research has found that people who exercise daily can reduce the risk of developing and dying from pneumonia. The study revealed by the University of Bristol, published on GeroScience, observed the ten population cohort studies with over one million participants for the first time.

Regular exercise can reduce the risk and length of infectious diseases. Previous research has already suggested that regular exercise might be associated with a reduced risk of pneumonia. But studies have mixed findings, some reporting evidence and still running further.

The questions which the study aimed to answer are as follows:

  1. Is there any association between pneumonia and physical activity in future terms?
  2. If there is an association, what are its strength and nature?
  3. If there is a relation, is it stronger or weaker in any specific group of people?

The study discovered that people who exercise regularly have a lower risk of developing pneumonia and pneumonia-related death than those who were not physically active. The study has been published in the ‘GeroScience Journal’.

Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis of Bristol Medical School: Translational Health Science(THS), Dr Setor Kunustor said, “In this first-ever pooled observation of all studies conducted on the topic, we found very strong and convincing evidence between regular exercise and reduction in a person’s risk of developing pneumonia as well as death from the disease.”

The study analyzes the well-documented evidence that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of several chronic diseases, infectious diseases such as pneumonia, and death. Physical activity has vast benefits on overall health and reduces healthcare costs caused by pre-existing health conditions.

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