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Star Wars Will Return with Hayden Christensen

It’s an excellent day to be a Star Wars fan. Hayden Christensen can be returning to the live-movement Star Wars universe for the imminent Disney+ collection Asoka, in step with The Hollywood Reporter.

It is doubtful what Christensen’s go back will entail, exactly, and whether or now no longer it is going to be sole as Anakin Skywalker or as Darth Vader or a combination of the. Earlier this yr it turned introduced that Christensen might go back as Anakin for the imminent Obi-Wan Kenobi TV display. These returns mark Christensen’s first foray returned into the Star Wars universe because he flip withinside the prequel movies. Despite this, however, the man or woman Anakin has been masses busy withinside the Star Wars lively universe wherein Ahsoka herself first reached a large fanbase.

In the live shows, Anakin has maximum generally been voiced via way of means of Matt Lanter. In The Clone Wars, Anakin has become Ahsoka’s master, educating her as his Padawan. Ahsoka, the display, like The Mandalorian, is about 5 years after Return of the Jedi, wherein Vader turned into killed, so it’s miles in all likelihood that Christensen’s function can be in large part flashbacks to Ahsoka’s past. Alternatively, he may also make his presence referred to as a Force Ghost–we do not have sufficient facts but to mention one manner or another. All different info of the display is being saved secret. Production has now no longer but begun on Ahsoka, however, paintings are scheduled to begin in early 2022.



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