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10 Reason You Must Skip The Games For Healthy Life

As we all that the video game industry is rapidly growing and it is almost billion dollars industry. The market size of video games in 2021 in the United States is 65 billion U.S. dollars. Good news is this that many peoples skip the games and this may go down in some years because in 2020 the market size was 66 billion U.S. dollars. 1 billion loss in the market in 1 year because more gamers have realized that the how video game industry caught you in its web.

People’s taste is changing every time. They search for new features and variety in games that’s they should skip the games for a better experience always. Even gaming companies are more intelligent and they exactly know how to trap you on their web and they add only those features on their games that activate the lowest part of human urges like sex, violence, greed, stealing & cheating, corruption, and more. Babalnews is not against your hobby but it talks about babality and the reality of the world.

Only one urge is more enough to destroy one’s life if it goes under the control of outer things. For example, let’s take sex. There is a lot of sexual material used in video games that empower people to involve in unwanted sexual activities. Most of the adult children destroy their whole life by wasting their semen and life energy on those things that leads incompleteness, loneliness and suicidal thoughts, relationship problems, and more physical issues. 

We can’t deny video games in this technical era but we can use them more consciously. There is no doubt that the video game industry will grow in a more advanced way in the future days. Most of the current games are made and marketed to polluted your brain and the more you use their games the more benefits they will get commercially that’s why they go in any limit to bring you on their trap.

Why should I skip the games? / Disadvantages

  1. Increase Your Social Distance
Social distance-skip the games

Social disconnection is the most seen issue in the gaming community. Humans are social beings. To achieve the highest possibility of life one should learn to connect with the world for further wisdom and more. We spend most of our time in the room playing games and this disconnects us from interacting with other people in real life. That’s why you should skip the games to develop your social communication skills

  1. Dopamine Addiction
Dopamine addiction-skip the games

You feel very fun playing video games due to their reward circuitry in your brain. Our brain releases dopamine that gives the feeling of pleasure when playing games. Once it takes its place in your brain with a constant number of dopamine you must play the game to give pleasure yourself. Your mind always seeks pleasure in other things but can’t get that certain number of dopamine and you must play the games to get that experience again and again. Once this starts happens then it is very difficult to leave this addiction for you. So that one should skip the games as soon as possible once one realizes these symptoms.

  1. Relationship Issues
Relationship problem, skip the games

According to the research, the happiness of a person depends on their quality of family relationships. And the research also showed that only those peoples were most happy whose family quality and communication is good and most sad and unhappy were those whose family communication was not good. When you are too addicted to games, you start to neglect other people in your life. A relationship needs maintenance always which addicted gamers can’t play well. When you play most of the time video games, there is no time left to talk to friends and family.

  1. Stuck in life

When you came out from gaming life to real life you will be stuck in every situation. Because all have to do an effort to achieve something in real life but in virtual life, you can do everything without moving your eyes and body.

People will hate you because you are not like them and this will increase your stress level.

  1. No Motivation in life

Video games have a huge virtual world where you can achieve everything and go around everywhere. Once you did experience everything virtually your mind gets bore in achieving something in real life. There will be no motivation in life like an old man because you have tried almost everything.

  1. Obesity

Many recent studies show that the chance of increasing fatness is very high when people spend all the hours on virtual gameplay. You will be very fat if you don’t move to form the chair that leads to muscle pain and makes your body very weak and unhealthy. The more we move the body the more it becomes fit but video gamers won’t do that. It can cause sleep deprivation that supports obesity.

  1. Affect Academic Process

Students who play video games should always struggle to keep updated with the school/college process. Many students have been procrastinating on their studying just play their favorite game. Once this starts happens with you it slowly develops your procrastinate
habit on everything and destroy your academic carrier.

  1. Increases Violence

Most of the video game audiences are children and as we all know children are the fastest learners. Their mind can catch everything very easily better than a mature and thoughtful man. When you play games like pubg and free fire most of the time you learn only violence. All you do in those games is just killing the peoples. You get satisfied when you kill more people in a more deadly way. This will completely negatively design your mind. Your ego will increase very high despite you haven’t achieved anything in real life. There are some cases where some video gamers killed their family because of frustration.

Most of the children are going on the same way to frustration and incompleteness in their life. This is how violence starts. These billion dollars companies are producing minds full of violence. We can see violence in many forms in society. It may not seem like killing someone directly but once violence is injected into our mind it needs to go anyhow and it leaks in many forms as killing, rape, cheating, fraud, corruption, ignoring others, and more.

  1. Hyper Sexuality

Sex energies are the most powerful energies. The whole world you see around is the product of sex. When sexual energies become unbalanced in the human body all the issues start. 31% of video games are rated for T. It means they should only play by teenagers. This is the mature content only for 18+. It seems like it is a campaign designed to destroy teenagers. In video games, sexual material is very dull, dirty, and addictive. This leads porn and masturbation. When you start to eject your semen at teenage in high volume you may face impotency, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and more sexual issues that will affect your sexual relationship.

You may have seen in GTA 5 game that a character goes to a strip club and buy girls with money. If a female plays such games they will see themselves as objects and they will act like objects in the society that leads prostitution. A male will always see a female as an object and all the issues start and the same happening around the world today.

  1. Eye, Neck problems

Frequently playing video games your eyesight. Some new research shows that American spends more than 10 hours a day on screens. They play at least 1 hour of video games. When you spend most of your time on the screen it will lead to eye strain, dry eye, and neck pain and shoulders. When you see any of these symptoms this time to skip the games otherwise you will face more big issues. You may have to wear glasses in very little time.

Eyes are very sensitive and precious parts of your body. The world exists because you can see. Gaming will weak your eyes and if playing constantly it will continually increase your glasses number.



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