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Second life ranker manga Who Lives 2 Times

Yeon-woo had a dual brother who unexpectedly disappeared five years ago. One day, he determined a pocket watch belonged to his brother. When he opened its second life ranker manga, he determined the hidden diary wherein turned into recorded the lifestyles of his brother withinside the Obelisk: the Tower of the Sun God, an international wherein numerous universes and dimensions intersect.

Second life ranker manga brother had fallen sufferer on this international to betrayal whilst mountain climbing up the Obelisk. After getting to know the truth, Yeon-woo is determined to climb the tower together along with his brother’s diary.

Second life ranker manga had two brothers who vanished 5 years ago. One day, a pocket watch left his brother again in his possession. Inside, he discovered a hidden diary wherein turned into recorded “By the time you pay attention this, I wager I could be already dead.

E-magnificence hunter Jinwoo Sung is the weakest of them all. Looked down on via way of means of everyone, he has no money, no competencies to talk of, and no different task prospects. So while his celebration unearths a hidden dungeon, Second life ranker manga is decided to apply this risk to extrude his existence for the better. However, the possibility he unearths is a chunk distinct from what he had in mind!

Mysterious second life ranker manga existence

In the mysterious, RPG dungeon-like Tower, Confucius Kim lives an earthly existence, envying all of the famous person hunters. One day, his want for greater is granted with a mythical ability to replicate others’ competencies. on the price of his existence. Before he could make the experience of it, he’s killed via way of means of the number one hunter, the Flame Emperor! But this turns on his ability and now he’s copied a brand new one, the cap potential to journey returned in time upon death. How will Confucius use those competencies to outplay the opposition and upward thrust to the top?

Fame Glory Power Anything to your wildest goals is viable while you attain the pinnacle of the Tower of God. Those fortunate sufficient to be selected through the tower ascend every ground in hopes of pleasing their goals, however, to succeed, they need to whole risky and lethal exams alongside the way. But others can input the shape on their very own loose will; these “irregulars” are feared by many and are stated to go away chaos and alternate of their wake.

second life ranker manga release
second life ranker manga release

Twenty-Fifth Baam is one such abnormal who starts offevolved to climb the Tower of God in hopes of reuniting together along with his early life pal Rachel, however as he quickly discovers, this perilous course will place second life ranker manga withinside the crosshairs of fierce competitors, untrustworthy competitors, and terrifying monsters, and he won’t make it out alive.

Love with unique gaming capabilities

Jee-Han loves gaming greater than anything, however, it nonetheless comes as a surprise while one day, he abruptly acquires a mysterious strength that superimposes RPG traits onto the actual world! Tasks like going to the shop for his mom provoke experience-incomes quests, and all of us across the boy show tiers and stats above our heads. But what begins offevolved as a slight interest abruptly turns into all of the greater actual, while Jee-Han discovers that there may be monsters to be killed, unique capabilities to be earned, and others who’ve comparable abilities!

Jeong-woo became defined via way of means of Yeon-woo as being a vulnerable and introverted individual who appreciated books, movies, and had the expertise of now no longer wanting a whole lot of paintings to achieve maximum things. Furthermore, he additionally significantly valued second life ranker manga own circle of relatives, even leaving domestic so that it will discover a remedy for his mother.

During his time as chief of Artha Second life ranker manga became said to be a really charismatic and successful chief throughout the Clan’s upward push to electricity and throughout its peak. His herbal genius, extraordinarily effective abilities, and pleasant personality, effortlessly attracting several gifted and effective people into becoming a member of his clan. He additionally effortlessly befriended and earned the coolest opinion of numerous effective people regardless of them being his competitors. Jeong-woo became said to were a worrying and thoughtful buddy and chief for the contributors of Second life ranker manga throughout its peak.

Suffered from second life ranker manga besite

It became said to have freely helped his contributors develop in electricity and evolution without hesitance or even surrender extraordinarily effective Hidden Pieces to them without hesitance. Jeong-woo became additionally said to have absolutely bonded with them and taken into consideration them like their own circle of relatives and depended on them unconditionally.

second life ranker manga chapter
second life ranker manga chapter

This trusting nature, regardless of it being one in every of his finest and maximum nice traits, additionally ended up being his finest flaw. Jeong-woo depended on his comrades unconditionally, main him to now no longer doubt their hidden agendas. He freely spoiled them together along with his help without in reality diving in or wondering too deeply approximately the opportunity of them having opportunity probably malignant intentions.

This is visible in which he failed to doubt his lover Viera Dune and became incapable of knowledge her motives for betraying him regardless of her making it clear to him throughout the earliest beginning in their courting that she might without hesitation betray him for her personal ambitions, blindly depended on Bahal, Leonte, and Aether as his buddies and being oblivious to their hidden agendas and developing jealousy at him, blatantly giving Bayluk a whole Cannibal Monster Human Island and gifting away its coordinates without placing any countermeasures to locate it.

once more or maybe a way to maintain an eye fixed on Bayluk’s moves with the island and allow him to do as he thrilled without with the island. Taking an idea to what became Bayluk’s intentions with the island and in no way doubted or dug too deeply approximately what he became doing at the island while he requested second life ranker manga approximately it and took his phrase for it while he simply gave a Jeong-woo became additionally said to have allowed numerous different incidents to appear concerning his comrades that basically made it smooth to paintings at the back of his returned and betray him because of him putting his religion in his comrades blindly.

Jeong-woo became even said, that regardless of all of the betrayals he suffered from his valuable buddies and comrades, he did under no circumstances have evolved any shape of hatred or grudge in opposition to his former partners at their betrayals and dissertations of Arthia for greater status and electricity and did now no longer have any malice for them, even after Viera, Bahal, and Leonte inflicted him together along with his killing wounds.

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  1. I loved all chapters of second life ranker manga. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I will not compare this to solo leveling or the other way around, and just to correct Eva but they have a different author.

    The story follows an Mc who’s main objective is revenge, the mc is so interesting that it makes you want to keep reading his story. The story is more focused on the Mc then the world around him or other caracters, the Mc isnt overpowered in the begining, he actually becomes op becouse of his training and choices. He also has an uperhand due to him almost having an manual on where to go to get legendary equipments. The mc is also an lonley wolf, and preffere to do his objectives alone, even though the 4 main side characters we’ve meet are siblings which maybe is the reason why the mc accepts their company more then others.
    As the story keeps on going the more fame and attraction our mc gets, but his skills develops and get’s more op weapons and equipments which makes up for it.

    The most negative part is the Art, sometimes it feels like im seing cgi in an manga.

    If u like stories about weak to strong,revenge,fantasy and rpg then i recomend this.


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