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Ukrainian girl singing a song amid the war, singer Idina Menzel reaches out to the voice, then it happened

Both Ukraine and Russia will suffer a lot due to this war.

Story Highlights

  • The child sings a message of peace by singing a song
  • the original singer also shared the video
  • the Russia-Ukraine war is going on for 2 weeks. 

The constant war between Russia and Ukraine has counted to the feelings of people almost the world. Now everyone wants there to be no war. But there is no such thing as peace.

This notification of the girl is now circulating all over the world through social media. They are all honoured. The little girl created a sound of her melodic voice amidst the war and tension.

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Many Indians and other citizens came back from Ukraine because of war.

The video was first shared by Marta Smekhova on Thursday. He wanted to take consent from Amelia’s mother.



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