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When the old video of Katrina and Vicky came out, the fans reacted like this

This video has leaked on social media, on which people are fiercely giving their reactions.

Delhi: Vicky Kaushal & Katrina Kaif are finally going to get married today. Their fans have been waiting for the marriage of both of them for a long time. Although Vicky and Katrina are getting married in a lot of security, fans are eager to know the minor details.

Many memes have also been seen on social media regarding the marriage of both. Now such a video is going viral, in which Kapil Sharma makes Vicky Kaushal speechless. Fans are giving their fierce reactions to this video going viral. This video comes from when Vicky Kaushal arrived as a guest in Kapil’s show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show.’

The video of Vicky Kaushal was shared from a fan page. This can be seen in the video clearly that Kapil is asking the audience questions about Vicky. Kapil said that ‘these days if a cat crosses the road, you don’t mind because you like cats.’ After hearing this question of Kapil, Vicky starts laughing and blushes too. Kapil referred to Katrina Kaif from ‘Kat,’ whom the actor is dating these days. Replying to Kapil’s question, Vicky says it was quite a horror question.

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal story
Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal story

Yesterday there was a sangeet ceremony for Katrina and Vicky. There was the fore that Katrina wore a pink-coloured lehenga on her sangeet. At the same time, the sherwani that Vicky Kaushal was wearing had roses on it. The cake prepared on this particular occasion is being priced at Rs 4.5 lakh. If the reports are believed, the family members and the bride and groom were stunned by the music.

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