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What is the reason behind Deepika Padukone’s sudden heartbeat? Learn from the doctor its causes, symptoms, and treatment.

The tachycardia problem is responsible for Deepika Padukone’s sudden increase in heartbeat. Let’s say that this problem is related to the heart. In such a situation, it is important to know from the doctor what are the reasons, symptoms, and treatment behind this problem.

Recently, the news of Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone’s sudden deterioration of her health came to light, due to which she had to go to the hospital. Let me tell you that he had complained of a heartbeat increase, due to which he was taken to the hospital. Let’s say that heartbeat enlargement is one of the symptoms of tachycardia. When the heartbeat starts to increase suddenly, there may be a problem of tachycardia, so you need to be careful. This tachycardia can also be caused by normal beats and also by abnormal uncontrolled pacemaker activity. Read Also: johan riley fyodor taiwo samuel

Let us inform you that those who consume alcohol or tobacco products such as beedi, cigarettes, khaini, hookah, gutkha, paan, etc. may soon fall prey to this problem. In such a situation, it is important to know how tachycardia can prove to be dangerous for health. Today’s article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through this article of ours what is tachycardia? And how dangerous it can take. For this, we have also spoken to Dr. Abhineet Gupta, cardiologist of Regency Healthcare, Kanpur.

What is Tachycardia?

In the tachycardia condition, the heart rate starts to increase, which can lead to a dangerous condition. Usually, the heart rate is more than 60 to 100 beats per minute. But in the tachycardia situation, the speed of the beats starts to increase further and the situation can take a very dangerous form. The heart’s fast beats cause less pumping and the blood flow to the heart as well as the rest of the heart begins to decrease significantly. In such a situation, it is important to be aware of its cause, symptoms, and prevention.

Cause of tachycardia

  • Due to the side effects of certain medications
  • Due to some congenital problems related to the heart
  • Due to consuming too much alcohol
  • Reasons to consume cocaine and some other recreational drugs
  • Due to electrolyte imbalance in the body
  • Due to high blood pressure
  • Causes of smoking too much
  • Problems related to lungs
  • Symptoms of tachycardia
  • pulse increase
  • Feeling pain in the chest
  • Confusion on any subject
  • panic
  • head
  • increase in heartbeats
  • Having difficulty breathing
  • have weakness
  • faint

What to do if you have tachycardia?

  • Take deep long breaths in this position.
  • Act of coughing.
  • Drink a glass of cold water.
  • Splash cold water on the face.
  • If you do not get rest, go to the hospital immediately and get an ECG done and see a cardiologist.

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