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About Us

Babalnews is an online News Media Company that broadcasts recent events and news worldwide related to various categories such as politics, entertainment, technology, sports, business, lifestyle, and more. 

It is established in 2021. It is physically located at Biratchowk-Morang, Nepal.

In the era of information and news everywhere there is a very hard situation to find loyal, genuine, and truthful news that can lead people’s minds in a positive direction. To give a new direction to the news culture and make changes to people’s life by adding some right values, Babalnews is founded in 2021.

Babalnews is the world’s top website that keeps you updated every second on what’s happening around you as well as giving insights with valuable content.

The employees of Babalnews are always busy collecting the best appropriate news and resources from the right sources to tell you what’s going on worldwide every second.

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